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][m][u][t][u][a][l][ ][a][t][t][r][a][c][t][i][o][n][

[Kuroba Kaito and Kaitou KID had one and only similarity, ] Hakuba noted down on a small piece of paper.
[They both run at the sight of Hakuba Saguru.]
Hakuba smiled as if admiring his own words, and kept going.
[But this leads on to the one and most prominent difference between them.]
He lightly bit the end of the pen, and the smile turned into a smirk.
[Kaitou runs at the sight of Hakuba for a good reason, while Kaito...Kuroba-kun, has absolutely none.]
He put down the pen and got out the pencil, drew a little arrow and added a few words, in rather squiggly handwriting:
[So I wonder what conclusion I can draw from this?]
With a pleasant sound the small piece of paper detached from the notebook and was stuffed down the neck of a messy-haired boy, who started, quickly pulled out the message, skimmed it and went blank for a few seconds.
Hakuba scratched his head thinking maybe he didn't make things clear enough, and the boy turned to face him, with an expression that he immidiately recognised as the Poker Face. He pulled a smile while the other quietly told him,
"Whatever conclusions you are thinking of, chances are they are wrong," The boy paused, "Please get a life, Hakuba."
Hakuba's fingers danced on his lips as he said lightly, "I was seriously considering the possibility that you and KID had nothing in common."
Boy stared at him, royalblue eyes glittering in the morning sun with well-hidden fragments of exhaustion from last night's heist perhaps, and yawned.
"...Then again, there are chances."


[Kuroba Kaito, 17, male, Ekoda High School Second Year Class B-2, IQ 400+, EQ unknown, likes magic, hates fish and iceskating, chances are he's the Phantom Thief KID we are all looking for.]
[2seconds past 10pm, precisely on time again.]
Hakuba snapped his silver pocket watch shut, and looked up. Standing on the balcony rail is the person he's most familar with, whose hand, now stretched out into a grand welcoming gesture, he itches to get a set of handcuffs on.
"Welcome, ladies and particularly gentlemen," that particular person said rather joyfully, his shirt flapping in the wind "Before I get on to what I normally do I would like to pay a few tributes to my long standing..."
Nakamori Keibu happened to be shouting something in Hakuba's ear so he didn't quite catch the next few words, and as he dived for a quieter corner KID went on.
"...Hakuba Saguru-kun."
The room suddenly went quiet as Nakamori's voice died down, and Hakuba became suddenly aware of all the looks that all pinned around his face. He pursed his lips as his own eyes chased the white shadow across the ceiling, the latter happily continued,
"For me he has given up his Christmas, his New Year, his birthday and even his Valentine's Day," the thief announced in an awefully authentic voice, "I feel so very touched that I wish, in fact I will, dub him as my most loyal follower."
With a CLANG one of the carved swords on the museum wall fell and missed Hakuba's shoulder by inches. The thief, who watched from above, seemed unimpressed by Hakuba's coolness, and landed onto the floor.
The police immidiately closed in, leaving the blonde detective motionless on the spot. He could've sworn KID's eye dashed across the room to catch his, before adding quietly,
"And all you do is follow."
Then disappeared in a puff of pink smoke, leaving a dumbstruck detective standing with several confetti-covered policemen that includes the very annoyed Nakamori himself.


[I dub you my most loyal follower]

The boy stopped in the corridor, turned and raised his eyebrows.
Hakuba couldn't help but notice the black eyes the boy was wearing, and told him so. Kuroba seemed to take an offence in this, and stormed on:
"If this is everything you can ever talk to me about, then I suggest you mind your own business, Hakuba, -kun."
The detective held out a hand rather politely and took some of the books Kuroba was finding hard to carry. He smiled ever so slightly at the boy's suddenly blank expression,
"Having found such English posh-ness," he sounded midly interested at the boy's tone of voice, "I am surprised that you actually had such little knowledge of English History."
On this remark Kuroba screwed his eyebrows together and raised his nostrils to the sky. "Oh? And what says you, Mr.Smarty-pants?"
Hakuba looked down at the pile of books he was carrying and Kuroba's now tucked away hand, couldn't help but sigh.
"You only dub someone by sword if you are the monarchy and want to make that particular person your knight."
he explained not unkindly, placing a casual emphasis on the word [your]. Kuroba didn't move or talk. They had stopped walking and his arms, filled with heavy exercise books, were getting sour, nevertheless he agreed to the silence.
Had it been a lighter topic Hakuba would've liked the picture, him and Kuroba standing in the after-school corridor, him arm full of books, the sun setting in Kuroba's unfocused eyes. Had it been a lighter topic Hakuba would've used his usual sarcasm to break the silence, however the time and feel was right to ask one question.
"Are you regretting now?"
The blonde detective said slowly and softly, his words gliding over Kuroba's ears almost unnoticed. There was a long pause, long enough for Hakuba's arms to starting aching really badly and himself starting to regret ever being a gentleman in front of the boy, but then the boy turned fully to stare at him in the eyes, and smiled a faint smile while asking a rhetorical question.
"Are you my knight? - Hakuba."
That, along with a soft gleam in Kuroba's eyes threw the blonde completely offguard. He nearly let slip of the books but managed to grab them at the very last second, and as he looked up Kuroba closed in in front of him, nearer than ever.
A dangerous glitter and smile in his eyes made Hakuba extremely alarmed, but it was too late.
"If you are my knight, and I know you won't say no because you are such a lovely loyal guy," Kuroba's hand found its way up Hakuba's already burdened shoulders and pressed ever so lightly, "please carry me all these books, to my house, approximately 45 minutes of walking away."
"And of course I'll keep you company." Slap on the shoulder, half the boy's bodyweight.
It was then Hakuba wanted to cry.

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